About Me

I come with the notion that deep rooted problems are complex and challenging (duh). Design is just the intellectual process of crafting paths to render those problems into solutions that are practical, simple, and beautiful. I am grateful to be in the midst of that intellectual process.

As a designer, my primary values are collaboration, empathy, and humility. I constantly seek to empower others by first intentionally listening and learning. I have a strong desire to get to know users at both the conscious and unconscious level. Feedback, in all its forms, has been critical to my development thus far.

I am currently facilitating UX at Marcus.com, a consumer-focused finance platform by Goldman Sachs. I focus mostly on interaction and strategy. Its both challenging and rewarding to bring design thinking to an institutional bank. 

Both inside and outside my professional life,. I enjoy experiential learning and witty conversations. I drink coffee in the mornings and wine in the evenings. Like you, I am the same but different.